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Essential Driving School Garth Taylor

Accredited Victorian Driving Instructor
Manual / Automatic

Garth Taylor

Garth has studied and worked as a Youth leader and Youth music coordinator for City Councils and prior to this in various Church communities.

Garth has obtained the RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Award and holds a Diploma in Creative Industries & Youth Leadership.

Garth also has experience working with Teens who live with high functioning ASD. Patience and understanding are part of the vital resources he draws down on, when working with Learner Drivers who are overwhelmed or experience anxiety and nervousness.

Cars, Bikes and Trucks

I’ve been fascinated with powered vehicles since I was a little kid.
I have pulled them apart to see how they worked, put them back together, modified & repaired machines for as long as I can remember.

My first motorcycle was a single gear (Automatic) Honda Trail70.
I’ve owned lots of Motorcycles – over the years from dirt bikes to Cruisers. I currently ride an Indian Chief Classic 2016 reissue 111 cubic Inch V-Twin (1800cc)

My first car was a Morris Mini Panel van, I think it had an 1100cc motor with twin weber carbs. Went like the wind! Since then I’ve owned Minis VW Kombi’s, Fords, Holdens, BMWs Land Rovers & Mercedes Benz. My most recent car was a Toyota Hilux 4×4.

Now days I’m so happy, scooting around in our Schools Honda Jazz VTi Manual car we call ‘Manni’.

30 Years Experience & Understanding

I have over 30 years driving experience in all kinds of cars, motorcycles & also heavy trucks. This builds my strong knowledge base of understanding road conditions, road users, how different vehicles respond in all kinds of situations, I know first hand what works and even more importantly what doesn’t. Some young drivers honestly think & believe they are bullet proof and invincible. I know first hand what that looks like and I’m keen to help coach my Learners to carefully & safely consider what they are doing, who they are, and what can really happen when it comes to operating a vehicle.

Safe Car Control

As a parent of a newborn & dad to two older teenage sons who both drive, I’m all about safe car control. I’ll teach you how to get your P Plates but even more importantly, how to keep them!

The Hurt Locker

I’ve had a few different bad experiences I won’t forget in a hurry, from cars dangerously cutting across my motorcycles to driving in stormy conditions as a young P Plater aquaplaning into a power pole.

Driving heavy loaded trucks in Melbourne’s metropolitan area and having cars suddenly swerve in front and then slam on brakes almost putting themselves underneath the truck.

I’ll also never forget being side swiped at 1am in the morning (in my precious 1970 Kombi van) and spun around by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Waking up in hospital I discover my scalp had 15 new stitches where my head had struck the window pillar as the car spun around and I was a passenger in a car that swerved hard to miss a kangaroo on a major freeway travelling at full speed. We ended up tumbling, upside down, wrong side of the road and again I woke up in hospital.

In my 30 years behind the wheel I have experienced more than enough to understand the absolute importance of safe car control and defensive driving.

Keep Your P Plates

I’ll teach you how to get your P Plates but even more importantly, how to keep them!

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